Start Date: 
Saturday, June 18, 2011 (All day)

The Olympic Day Celebration has been a firm pillar for the Celebration of Olympic Day throughout the world and it is the biggest mass sports in the world organized to commemorate   the founding of the modern Olympic Movement (IOC). Olympic Day is a great opportunity for the people around the world to experience the Olympic values and live the Olympic experience outside Games times.


The Gambia  National Olympic Committee in collaboration with the Management Committee of the Olympafrica Centre will organize and celebrate the Olympic Day on the 18th June 2011 at the Olympafrica Centre at Serekunda East .


This year the celebration will include the following activities with the schools within Serekunda  East and  be young.

·         Volleyball for Upper Basic schools

·         Handball for the Lower Basic Schools

·         Kids Athletics for the Lower Basic Schools

·         Road Race  ( 3km from Abuko earth  station ) an open race

·         Wheelchair Road race(2km from Elton filling station Tabokoto.) 


Similar runs will take place in LRR, URR. and WCR.

VIP’s, teachers, parents and students of various schools will attend to give support to their athletes and teams. The IOC president's message will be read to the students by the IOC member in the Gambia Ms. Beatrice Allen.


The police , fire service ambulance, red cross will all be in attendence.